Friday, December 7, 2012

new fabric and some more stitching

Yesterday I received some fabric from Retro Mummy: one of my favourite bloggers.  Have a look here to see what is on sale.

Today was my last day at the textile group for this year and I have been working on a picture of a tree (pictured in the top left corner).  It is on yellow cotton and the tree is worked by couching yarn to the fabric and then some flowers have been added.  This is a piece that I work as I go and by the time it is finished the yellow fabric will be completely covered.

Thanks to those who have visited Ally's Blog
and for visiting mine as well.  It is sometimes hard to find time and interesting things to write about - especially at this time of year.

I hope everyone is managing to relax a little.



Corrine at said...

Fantastic fabrics all, love these colors...enjoy relaxng and creating. xox

margaret said...

that is a great tree Dianne and as for those fabrics they are certainly a wow. I am enjoying Ally`s blog and will continue to encourage her, maybe we will see some stitching there one day