Saturday, October 5, 2013

finding time to stitch and blog

 Well it is spring here on the Mornington Peninsula and it is an especially busy time.

The garden is growing beautifully although it has been battered by strong (gale force) winds and heavy rains.  I love this time of the year when everything is growing and full of promise.

The house - well the renovations are coming along.  Last week our new oven was installed and that was followed by a new interest in cooking.  It is not a high tech fancy model but it comes on when I want it too and is consistent - not more soggy centres or burnt bottoms.  I do feel very lucky.
 The Peninsula Arts Society Spring Show is coming up and as part of the textile group I am preparing a few things for sale or exhibition.

Of course I have lots of things in boxes and baskets but it is a good excuse to make some new things too.

I recently bought two tiny picture frames from the op shop for just 50cents each.  Working tiny projects is my passion and so these little frames inspired me to start on a series of miniature floral embroideries.

The first one is lavender worked on calico with single strand cotton and silk threads.  The frame is just 5cm across and lends itself to this kind of work.  

I am trying to decide on what to embroider on the next one and in the meantime  I am doing some box tops and book covers.


This last pic is of a banksia that is growing in our garden.  I see it each time I go out the back door and am always amazed at how beautiful and intricate it is.  

The new picture at the top of my blog is one I took a couple of weeks ago.  It had been raining and stormy and even the sea gulls looked cold.  
It is not the prettiest beach in the area but it is always interesting.  

I am endlessly fascinated by the sea and sand and all the things that inhabit the bay.  I try to go to the beach for a drive or a walk everyday for relaxation and inspiration.


Judy McCarthy said...

These little embroideries are very pretty and dainty.
I love small things too.

Gina E. said...

Hi Dian, glad to see you back posting on your blog - I was getting worried! Thanks for your comment on my hedgehog - he is cute, isn't he.
I also like tiny embroiderered things, and have done one or two over time. Ken and I drove down to Mornington on Eastlink some weeks ago, to see the tall ships sail past. We sat there all afternoon, it was a gorgeous day. I was wishing I had your phone number with me, as I would have called you to see if you wanted to join us! Driving through the town I saw all those opshops you write about...pity they were all closed by then :-(

Robin Mac said...

What a pretty little embroidery - in such a fascinating frame. I love the banksia too, beautiful colour