Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the garden and the beach

Today has been lovely and warm and sunny so I have spent most of it outdoors.

The Echium are looking fabulous:  they always put on a great show.
We have had mulch to move for the past few weeks and are doing it a little at a time as it is hard work on our sloping block and it is for the back garden.

This week I had some pebbles delivered to finish the front gardens.  I moved almost 1 cubic metre of stones today and although it is not quite finished it looks wonderful.

Late in the day I had the opportunity to spend some time at the beach (Canadian Bay) with the twinnies and their mummy and big sister.  The water is still very cold but the children don't notice and of course the adults had to stay close to the little ones so we did manage to get quite wet.

 All in all a relaxing day.

I am doing some stitching but nothing to show just yet.

Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment: I really do enjoy hearing from you.

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