Friday, October 25, 2013

Melbourne cup and Jean Shrimpton.

I have made these just for fun.

I love these colours - pinks and purples look so luxurious.

We are in the midst of our spring (horse) racing festival and although I am not interested in the horses the fashions are always interesting.

Some people might remember when Jean Shrimpton came to Melbourne and shocked everyone when she wore a mini dress and bare legs.

Have a look here


Corrine at said...

I always thought she was so pretty, are so are these.! xox

Judy McCarthy said...

I can't get over the "plummy" voices back then!! Goodness, I'm old enough to remember Jean Shrimpton's arrival.The skirts on the other patrons are just above the knee.Hers weren't that short really.
Are you going to be joining a group for Melb Cup Lunch?
Pretty corsages.