Monday, July 5, 2010

grandchildren & others

Today my daughter & I went to the Melbourne Zoo with my four grandchildren.  The highlight was the baby elephant Mali shown here with her mother Dokkoon.

She is so sweet and attracts huge crowds at the zoo and as today was the beginning of the second week of the school holidays and the first really fine day, there were thousands of people at the zoo.  We have a great elephant display where visitors can watch the elephants being walked around their compound & can watch them at play  in their own swimming pool.

This male elephant decided to hide behind this tree trunk.  Very funny really. 

We also saw the giraffes, babboons, and a pygmy hippopotamus. 

  Yesterday we had a family lunch with our 4 grandchildren & 5 great nieces and nephews, and their parents.  It was a lovely day with lots of food and chat.  Two of the boys had birthdays during the past week so we had cakes and candles as well.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a lovely family weekend!

Linda said...

Lovely photos Dian. Isn't that baby elephant so cute. So pleased you managed to treat the kids to a visit to the Zoo.

Lovely family photo too, and how nice you had the opportunity to catch up with a number of family members at once. Everyone looks so happy.

Jensters said...

Hey Dian you know im gonna love any photos of elephants but that baby is just to cute....great photo of all the children xx