Monday, July 19, 2010


The last week has flown by and although I have managed to do a little stitching I have had even less time to write.  Now I am sitting here wondering where to start.
I will begin with a couple of explanations about the fabric dying.  The first time I ever used procion dyes was when I visited Linda in Queensland.  Linda showed me how to prepare the fabrics and mix the dyes.  It was a day of lots of fun and laughter along with learning a new skill.  We were lucky to have the whole day together and I learnt a lot.  Visit Linda at her blog 

The idea for using the ziplock bags came from Three Creative Studios, technique of the month for last month.    Sue Bleiweiss suggested the ziplock bags in her tutorial.

Yesterday my daughter came to visit and we celebrated her 40th birthday with food and wine and I gave her the mask I made.  I am pleased to say she was thrilled with it!  

I  gave my middle daughter the wheat bag I made and that was also well received.  I had made a little sachet of lavender as well as it is her favourite fragrance.

This is the first time I have given my daughters  things I have made especially for them: it seemed to go down well so I will continue to do this in the future.

Oh talking of gifts, I received a parcel in the post from Judy.  It is a kit with the pattern and makings of pin cushions - one of my obsessions!   Have a look at Judy's fantastic crazy patchwork!   I will take a pic of the kit tomorrow.    Thanks so much Judy.

Oh gosh I nearly forgot the lovely gift I received from my friend Ann, from the uk,  who is visiting her family who live near here.  We had a day out last week and I hope to see her again on Wednesday before her trip back home on Sunday.

Well I think that is all for now.  Happy stitching everyone.


Linda said...

Dian, what a great post. Lovely pictures!! Your friend's gift is so beautifully worked and presented. I also love the mask you've made, something I've not attempted myself. The feathers give it some definite elegance. Thanks for reminding me of such a wonderful time spent sharing and creating with a like-minded friend.

Karyn said...

Ann's gift was lovely, what a wonderful thing to have done for you.
by the way, how many pincushions do you have???

Jensters said...

Hey Dian thats not fair meeting Linda and having fun with Dye ;( lol.....its nice to see what you have been up too....and such wonderful gifts too xx