Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Needlebook

I started off making my June needlebook with lots of confidence but as the month progressed the less I liked it.  Not the fabric or the stitching - I just didn't think it was suitable as a needlebook so today I decided to make a "new" June needlebook even though it is now July!!!!

I just picked up some scraps and made a square piece of crazy patchwork on the machine.  I sandwiched a piece of thick vilene in between the patches and the lining:  from there I  folded the square into a parcel, added some wool to the inside and added buttons and cord to the outside and there you have it.  June done & dusted.


Linda said...

Dian, I really like this, and great to recognize some of the fabrics. Crazy patchwork lends itself to so much, and this is no exception. Good to see the little parcel concept making it's mark again!!! It is interesting seeing someone else's approach to getting through this challenge. I am finding it getting more nerve racking actually, perhaps we put too many expectations on ourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this needlebook Dian. The colour combinations are so nice.