Tuesday, October 26, 2010


There is that unmistakable warmth in the air, the baby birds are calling out and new buds are bursting through.

I feel a burst of creativity at present and would like to shut myself in my work room, forget the book keeping, forget the housework and just work on my ideas.

Reality however does intrude so I have to fit my creativity around my other responsibilities. I am sure many of you feel this way. However, we manage to keep on doing what we love. During the weekend I soaked some silk, cotton, and lace and as I found a few minutes I mixed some dyes and finally yesterday I managed to rinse, wash and dry the results.

Last time I did dying I used zip lock bags; this time I used polystyrene coffee cups. I have about 200 of these cups so I can just throw them out when I have used them. Usually I don't like to throw things away but it makes for a quick and easy clean up.

Using cups works very well because I only dye small amounts at a time.

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Linda said...

Great idea Dian. I keep all sorts of little containers these days, but I especially like those medium deli salad containers, as they are great for a fat quarter dyebath. I have to confess to being too tight to through them out though, rinse and put them back in the laundry cupboards........ These colours look really good too.