Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 I have spent the last few days in hospital: nothing serious fortunately.  It is amazing how much technology you can bring with you these days:  the laptop with mobile broadband modem, mobile phone & camera.  It certainly helps to pass the time and gives me a chance to read a few blogs and websites.
My dear friends Linda, Karyn, Julie & Laurel sent me the beautiful flowers in the pic.  The are proteas and irises which are just gorgeous.

I made myself a little phone pouch to bring with me.  It is well padded and lined with felt as I am such a clumsy person and am always dropping my phone.  I was quite pleased with the way it turned out and I made a journal cover to match.  The next project, when I am home again, will be a bag for my laptop. 

The hospital is near to home which means Mike can visit me and bring me what I have forgotten, which is handy.  The gardens are lovely and I sat outside this morning under the blossom trees - just after the lawns had been cut.  It was gloriously warm, about 25 degrees, and peaceful.  Since then it has thundered, and rained, so I am glad I took the opportunity to be outside this morning.

Apart from the medical stuff that is happening here, this is a great place to rest.  Happy staff, great food (that I don't have to think about), and plenty of time to sit and stitch.  I did suggest Mike might like to bring in my sewing machine but he declined!  Anyway I will be home to dishes and washing again on Friday - I really am looking forward to that too.  I do miss my own place and of course my dear Mike.

Wishing everyone a happy week full of inspiration and creativity.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you've been in hospital.Hope you are feeling fit again soon.Love the beautiful flowers.Nothing like flowers to say you are cared for.

Radka said...

Sorry to hear your are in a hospital:)I am glad it is nothing too serious, so make most of it and rest while you can! But you are right, there is nothing like your own home:))

Suztats said...

Good to know you'll soon be home again! Glad you've had a rest in the hospital, and that you are getting better. Take care.

Jensters said...

So hope your on the mend Dian, and such lovely flowers....wonderful phone pouch too xx

Linda said...

Dian, I hope you feeling well now. The flowers are lovely and you do deserve them. Make sure you don't 'go to work' too soon when you get home. Love the little phone pouch. Sorry I've been 'away' for days on end, things a little wayward here at the moment. Take care.

Iceni UK said...

Hi Dianne, I hope you are are okay now. The flowers look wonderful.

Take it easy and enjoy your embroidery while you relax. The phone pouch looks great.
Sending hugs and love.x