Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well I did write a post and then it disappeared into cyber space so I will try again.
It has been a busy week and the book keeping, the household chores and the garden have kept me well occupied.

 I have decided I must try to catch up
with my needlebooks.
Last night I finished this one.  It is silk and each little section features embroidery, buttons, charms.

The inside is cream silk, the felt is pale pink. 

Tonight I hope to finish another one.  I made the fabric  while participating in a challenge on the Embroiderer's Guild UK Forum last year and wanted to make something special from the last piece of fabric.

It is almost done.

Thanks for the comments on my posts: they really do give me encouragement.



michelle said...

what wonderful needle cases i especially love the silk one but who doesn't like silk !! hope your having a wonderful weekend !!

Linda said...

I really love this needlecase Dianne. I just love that pintucked silk, with the embroidery in each space. The inside looks lovely as well.

I also like the fabric you created. Can you tell us how you achieved this?? I know it was a while ago, so understand if all techniques aren't forthcoming..........LOL.......

Radka said...

Your gold needlecase looks lovely, Dian. I hope you are well now and in full swing!

Karyn said...

Dianne, what a great idea to do a different embroidery in each little section. It is so pretty. That would be a great way to try embroidery techniques you were new to; great as a teaching idea.