Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another lovely weekend

The days have been flying by: Mike is working away from home a bit lately so the weekends are extra special.  We have to do the usual chores as well as catch up on family & neighbourhood news.  We try to go out to lunch on Sundays.  Today we went  to the Rocks at Mornington.   We had a really lovely relaxed lunch although the weather outside was very windy and rough.
The Rocks restaurant and cafe, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne
Yesterday I went to the football, Australian Rules,at the MCG, with my daughter Rebecca & her daughter Ally.  We all barrack for Melbourne and our team beat Richmond Tigers.   It was a lovely outing - just us girls.  When we arrived back at Rebecca's house her husband had cooked enough dinner so that I could bring some home for Mike and me.

 As if that wasn't good enough: our neighbour Keith filled the trailer with prunings and took it to the recycling centre and came back and took our old fridge away as well.

That's what I call a great weekend.

Oh, the pic at the top shows the books I am using to find inspiration - thanks for all the suggestions. 


Linda said...

That sounds like a positively lovely weekend Dian. Sadly, it probably went in the blink of an eye, and down you came with a thud to Monday!! Love all those book titles, and I'm sure inspiration for the project is knocking. Hope the weather this week will be a little more pleasant, heavy fog here this morning. Happy stitching.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Sounds like a fantastic outing all round. A lovely giftie arrived for me in the mail with some orange and wondrous fiber to play with. Thanks so much Dian, great giveaway from you! xox Corrine

Radka said...

Wow, look at your header!!! Fantastic :)
It is so good to have a nice weekend, I always feel cheated when the weather is not good or I end up doing boring jobs.

Jensters said...

Sound like the outing was wonderful Dian......Did you get my email?! x

Anonymous said...

Busy busy busy. Life is like that at the moment especially with all the prunning etc that us gardeners also have to do and the inevitable removal of the thorny devils. I love the look of those books. I have one somewhere on making boxes from fabric, cardboard and glue Tracey Marsh style that would probably adapt quite well to some embroidery inspired ones.