Wednesday, June 8, 2011

working off the blues

Thanks to everyone who made kind comments on my last post.  Fortunately I woke up feeling a lot better and decided that I should really try to tap into my creative side today as the practical side wasn't working for me.

So I spent about 2 hours playing around with the embellishing machine.  I created some strips from silk tops, wool tops and some white sparkly synthetic yarn which turned out really well.  The black & red strip on the side was made from sari silk waste.

It is great therapy to just relax with fabric and machine for a while.

The weather here is continuing to be extremely cold and wet.  Last night was particularly horrible with thunder, lightening, wind and hail as well as lots of rain.  Today has been a bit better and I have not needed to be out so much.

The little girls I mind each day are growing up quickly and are nearly crawling.  I do enjoy this time: little babies have so few expectations - a bottle or cereal when they are hungry and some cuddles and then play time.  

thanks again for your comments and support - it is always appreciated.



Karyn said...

I am glad you are feeling better. it can be hard to stay cheery with such cold, wet, dark weather sometimes.
babies are such a fun way to spend time. I got to nurse a little newdorn today; so sweet. And dont they smell so nice?? I hope the twins manage to give you a smile or two.
Stay warm.

Linda said...

Nice to see a little play going on at your place Dian. The weather must be nasty down there, we've seen footage on the TV. It's a bleak and horrible day outside here, but nothing like you are having. I have my fire roaring, as Queensland winters are all I can bear I'm afraid. I enjoy hearing about the children you look after. It seems only a short while since they were born.