Friday, June 24, 2011

desperately seeking inspiration

I am a member of the Embroiderers Guild in the UK (so I can belong to their forum) and we have a lot of swaps and challenges throughout the year.
At present some 10 of us are participating in a round robin traveling page: each person starts their page with a doodle and a theme and then it is sent on to the next person to add their interpretation of the theme.  Once it has been to all other 9 participants it arrives back to the originator complete.  It really is a great challenge.  We are about half way through this one and I am looking forward to seeing my page when it arrives home.

The other activity we are doing at present is a goody bag swap.  Each person sends a bag of fabric & embellishments to another member (as decided by the person running the challenge).  There are guidelines regarding the amount of fabric etc and we can add batting, thread etc from out own stash.  The idea is to make something to keep with the bulk of the goodies provided and then to create a postcard to send back to the person who sent the goodies.  The picture above shows what I have received and I cannot seem to build up any kind of inspiration at present.  I love the fabrics and the trims & gemstones etc but cannot seem to make a start.

Please feel free to let me know if you can suggest what I could do.  I feel nervous about cutting into the fabrics (which is quite out of character for me).

The forum is available to members of the Embroiderers Guild UK and it has a wonderful gallery showing the work that the members have done throughout the years.  Take a look if you can.



Elizabethanne said...

Hello Dianne
Have you thought of covering a book with some of the fabric. And then also making a carry bag for that book? You have a lovely sellection of fabrics & threads there. Hope this has helped?
Your Friend Elizabeth xx

Linda said...

Hello Dian, nice to see you are still involved with the EG and it's swaps, etc. You have been an inspirational member for them. Love the fabrics, and I keep thinking something nautical or patriotic [soon 4th July in the US - nothing to do with us or UK EG is it, der!!]. I am sure a 'light' will come on soon and you'll wonder why you hadn't seen it!! Hope your weekend will be pleasant. Very quiet here.

michelle said...

Hi Dian looks like some nice fabric how about a crazy quilted book cover and post card !

artymess said...

could you add some white and make a log cabin cushion ??...xx

sewnbysaliba said...

I love the colours - I think crazy patchwork would look great, even strips weaved would look fantastic!! Good luck with it!