Sunday, June 19, 2011

early works

The weather has been cold here on the Mornington Peninsula and so I have spent quite a lot of time indoors.  Now you might imagine that would provide me with an opportunity to catch up with my housework,  but no,  I have been sorting through boxes of "stuff" that I haven't looked at in quite a while.  

I was surprised to find this little doll's jacket which I made when I was about 8 years old.  We had a dutch family living next door and the daughter of the house took an interest in me and decided I should learn to sew.

Some old calico was produced and some threads, and the lesson began.  I do remember making this and also some other small garments for the two dolls I owned.  The design and the stitching is pretty rough but it always reminds me of the kindness of the young woman next door.  I have no idea how old she was - perhaps 16 or 18 but I do remember spending time in her home which was always spic and span and yet very welcoming.

This next piece of embroidery is something I made for my "hope chest".  I was engaged at 19 and we didn't have much but I was determined to have some pretty things.  It would have been a semco kit I think and I did several of these and also embroidered some pillowcases.  

My stitching was really quite neat in those days: good eyesight helps.

I do like looking through those boxes containing memories and treasures.

It is always hard to decide whether to keep old cards and scraps of wrapping paper - or that flower I pressed when on my visit to the uk. (I know I should not have brought it back with me).  I hardly ever look at them and sometime my children will have to sort through it all.

What do you keep?

For those who are interested in my visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs:  it was sensational!  I had been nervous and a little self-conscious: swimming in the surf is one thing - sitting still in the mineral baths is quite another.  Then there was the thought of taking my clothes off for the massage!

Well, the whole atmosphere was so relaxing that I was comfortable from the moment I arrived and to be honest didn't want to leave.  The mineral baths are soooo relaxing and the massage was just what I needed.  

It is funny how we often we let a lack of confidence spoil something special.  The visit to the springs was a gift from my neighbours (for babysitting) and I really do appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Dian, So glad to hear you enjoyed your pamper day. I would have felt as self-conscious and you did before the event. On keeping things - I am a hoarder and I make no apologies. I have old things from way, way back. I love them and look at them often. Perhaps once I die they will be tossed away, but perhaps someone might decide to keep them. Until then, their beauty is enough reason for me to keep them. Laurel

SewnBySaliba said...

How lovely that you have kept these old keepsakes! Nothing like looking back at your work and seeing how you've improved and remembering the enjoyment of learning something new!

Juliettecherry said...

So you obviously showed talent with the needle even at that early age!

I still have the little bib embroidered for my newborn sister when I was not quite eight, although I think the teacher probably did more than me.

What's in my treasure box? The daily newspaper on the days my grandchildren were born, and my son's birth announcement one. All the early drawings and cards with first shaky signatures. First baby shoes, last gift from my grandfather. All family orientated things really.

Jensters said...

Hot springs and massage is what i could do with right now Dian...glad you enjoyed your old not the person to ask what i throw away as i would keep it xx

Linda said...

Thank you for the feedback on your day at the Spa, and I can really relate to your feelings prior to the day......... I also enjoyed seeing your earlier work. I too have some early embroideries, and should share them on my blog. It's so nice to look back and remember the circumstances surrounding each piece - a little like putting a life puzzle together. How nice that your neighbour's daughter made time for you.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your early works. It is so nice that you have kept them all these years. Most of mine from that age I don't even have anymore and do not know where they ended up. I think i would feel nervous too but glad that you enjoyed your pamper session. - Katherine

Karyn said...

I would be very nervous about the spa day too. I am glad you overcame your nerves and enjoyed the day. What a lovely thank you for all of your babysitting.
As for what i keep; well you have seen some of it; mostly things from the boys that I can't part with. Also some of their nicer baby clothes; I was going to make a quilt out of them but can't bear to cut them up!