Monday, November 28, 2011

online courses & roses

I have been wondering lately about the value of online courses and tutorials.

If you have participated in any of these or offer such a course/tutorial I would love to know about it.

I have recently completed a course with Karen Raune and one with Carole Brungar.

The projects were quite different as were my reasons for doing them.

As these were the first two online courses I have taken I was not sure what to expect so I think I was pleased with both of them.

The photo is just one of my roses which I have altered using the options in Picasa.
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Anonymous said...

Online courses, a few, some were great, some okay. I suppose it depends on how inspired you are in the first place. xox Corrine

Karyn said...

I haven't done any online courses; have thought about it but never taken the plunge.
I think good for you for trying new things and going out of your comfort zone.

Linda said...

Hi Dian, love the mysterious rose photograph. As you know, I've done mainly PDF type courses, nothing with a video lesson [connection!!]. I have enjoyed them for the most part, and always felt I'd learnt something. I would not hesitate to do more that suit my fancy at the time. I am not averse to going out of my comfort zone. Hope the weather is not too uncomfortable there. Cheers.