Tuesday, November 8, 2011

seaside again

Today I went on a little drive to Rosebud beach - doesn't the name sound lovely. It is a summer holiday place and can look a bit tatty when the holiday makers are not there.

This is the way I like it though - time for quiet walks and many photo opportunities.

The collage shows some of the vegetation found around the area of the Rosebud Pier.

Mostly grasses and at present lots of seed pods ready to be picked up by the wind.

We had a big thunder storm last night and lots of rain but this afternoon was sunny and still. Rather humid at home but lovely and fresh by the bay.

There was a huge container ship passing through the port phillip heads. This is the entrance to the ports of Melbourne. It is a very narrow area of water and has to be carefully navigated. It is always amazing to see such huge vessels setting out on their long journey.

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Jensters said...

I love any posts of the sea i cant get enough of it....its quite cold and dismal today....but had great fun stitching i really dont wont to find a job...lol

Linda said...

Lots of great texture in your beach shots Dian [great for your Adobe playing]. What a great shot of the pier and the cargo ship. My goodness, they carry huge loads, don't they. Hope the storm wasn't too testing. Very hot and dry here this week. We need rain again really, although the wheat farmers still want a bit of dry to finish the harvest. Cheers.

Juliettecherry said...

What a lovely new header showing such a delightful blue sea as you go into early summer down under.

I am late catching up on your blog, but the buttons/toggles are interesting- a bit fiddly maybe?

Best wishes Anne

shirley said...

I lived at Koonya near Sorrento early in my marriage and introduced my baby daughter to the sea on Rosebud beach, with her little toes dangling in the water. you live in a lovely part of the world.