Friday, January 27, 2012

After Australia Day

I was too busy relaxing yesterday to do any blogging.  There was cricket on the TV and so I sat, and sat and stitched most of the day.

However I did spend time thinking of this wonderful country we live in.  Many of us come from immigrant families.  My husband is English and my Grandparents were from the UK and Europe.
This is also a special day for us as our youngest daughter was born on Australia day quite a lot of years ago.

I have enclosed the pic above as I think it speaks of the open spaces we enjoy:  our wonderful beaches and open skies.

Whenever I go to the beach I think about the fact that we are all connected by the sea and the sky no matter how far apart we are.  There is great focus these days on what we own - surely what we share is more precious and more enduring.

Enjoy every day.


Anonymous said...

I could just hop in a boat and sail on down - for a long time- with the sea and the sky. Happy Birthday to your daughter! xox Corrine

carole brungar said...

stitching! yay!!

Linda said...

Pleased you had a relaxing day, and yes, wide open spaces are our specialty.........LOL..... Happy birthday to your daughter too. We've been enjoying the tennis, hanging out for tonight's match.