Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking care:

Our sewing machines and equipment serve us well if we just give them a little attention.

I was unimpressed when my overlocker would not work properly last evening but when I tried to recall the last time I gave it a good clean and changed the needles I just could not remember.

This machine is not used often but I do want it to work when I am ready so tonight it is having a lovely clean up.  I use a pressure can of air to clean away the dust and make sure there are no threads lingering.

 Changing the needles is not a lot of fun but neither is re-threading the machine so sharp needles are a necessity.

I find the re-threading very challenging so I have treated myself to a baileys and milk in the hope that a more relaxed attitude will help.
It has been another warm day (38degrees here) and I have my eldest grandson Ben here with me.  He is content to watch some DVDs with the air conditioning going.

At present he is watching Thor on blue ray with 3d glasses on.

We only have one pair of these glasses and this is the first time they have been used.  He assures me they are really good.  The sound is amazing - I am not sure I need to see it all though.

I can hear a little rain on the roof just now and the sunset is a fiery red.  

Tomorrow should be cooler and after babysitting the twins we will go out for a meal and to the beach I think.


Doreen G said...

Dian contact me by e-mail as to what the problem you were having--I may be able to help.
In a past life I sold overlockers and I know a fair bit about the problems they have and how to fix them--before you call in the repair man.

Jensters said...

If it doesnt work to your liking it seems like Doreen might be able to help you....anyhow you look like your doing a good job...enjoy your babysitting and i wish i was going to the beach with you...the winds here have been so bad today it was awful walking Lola...
...Happy New Year Dianne xx

Karyn said...

Dianne, I have the exact same overlocker as you do, and don't have too many problems rethreading it. The big tip is to just knot the new thread to the old thread and sew until the knots get to the needles.usually works quite well. And then the only time you actually have to rethread is if you break a thread. Good luck with it.
You are making me feel guilty though, my sewing machine is in dire need of a clean.

Linda said...

Hope your 'medicine' helped with the overlocker service...........LOL... I seem to think I've resorted to such medication in the past too. Hope the temperatures have eased for you. We will rejoice tonight - air con fixed this afternoon, yay!! I hate changing threads and needles in my overlocker too, but I just tie the new thread onto the old one, take off all the tension and just pull the threads through. I think mine is in need of some attention soon. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is always easier to do a service like this every now and again even when it isn't used much. My poor old overlocker received a hard workout when the girls were little but now I hardly use it. Mind you I used to sew all their colthes on it for about a 6 year period and also some of my own.