Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 I know January is not finished yet but I am really pleased with the amount I have managed to do this month.

The fabric in the first pic has been in my stash for years and I decided it was no use
to anyone while it was in the cupboard.  I cannot remember why I bought it in the first place - probably because it was a bargain.

My eldest daughter gave me some of her stash recently.  I know, it was just what I needed - more fabrics.  Anyway there was a large piece of high quality polar fleece.  Unfortunately it was a very dull colour,  like the colour of milky coffee but as you can see in the second pic it matches the cotton fabric perfectly.  Once I saw the two fabrics together I just new I had to make a couple of cot covers for the twins.  They are very light weight but nice and cosy too.So the stash is a little thinner.

This gorgeous embroidered satin fabric was also in the bag.  When Meaghan bought it she intended to make a cushion so today I made it for her.  It is appropriate to make it now as it is the beginning of the year of the dragon.

These pieces are from my own stash.  I have decided to make a mini quilt or collage or small piece of crazy patchwork each month and have put a some fabrics and trims in zip lock bags for each month of the year.  These ones are January.

I have just a few days to complete it before the end of the month.

The cricket will be on the TV tomorrow - it is the Australia Day Holiday - so I will have time to do some stitching.

I hope everyone is having a terrific week.


Karyn said...

Doesn't it feel great to complete something from the stash? The cot quilts should be lovely.
I love the cushion, the fabric is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

That dragon cushion is just fabulous! How opportune, as it's the Year of the Dragon.
Have a great day tomorrow. I'm going to be making dress form tags!!
Feels like I did when I played with paper dolls as a child.

Linda said...

Well, Dian, yet another creative project you've come up with to use what's on hand. Cot quilts will be most welcome I'm sure, especially in such sweet florals.

What is it about girls and dragon fabric. I've got some stashed away somewhere too - a purchase for my daughter in her teens - still not used!!

I wish you luck with the crazy patchwork projects. I think you will enjoy them. Cheers.

Radka said...

I love your black fabric with dragons, beautiful :)