Tuesday, October 23, 2012

back on track

 It is so easy to let things like blogging slide......and slide.

I don't seem to have achieved a lot in the past two weeks but I seem to fill in each day just the same.

The photos I have selected
 are just a few of many I have taken recently: the most recent of the three is the sunset at Canadian Bay last night.  The clouds were in a strange formation - I have not done anything to alter the pic.  Just the way it was.

The second one is a close-up of a stick insect which was on our dining room door.  He (or she) looks just like some twigs.  I would never be able to see it in amongst the trees.  A rare treat indeed to see it so clearly.
And finally, one of the little twins decided to go exploring in the garden with her sandals on.  It didn't take long to spoil her lovely white socks.  Luckily it isn't up to me to clean them.

One of the special things about minding the twins is the fact that they love to be out in the garden.

In addition to taking pics I have been sorting out a few things to put in the exhibition at the Peninsula Arts Society Show at the beginning of November.  Our space is limited so I have to choose carefully.


Radka said...

I agree, Dian, I don't know where the time goes, it is not easy to keep up with blogging :-) You do what you can, it is supposed to be
enjoyed :-))

margaret said...

good to see you back Dian and some lovely photos, never come across a stick insect in real life but have had the dirty socks in the past!

katherine said...

certainly know what you mean dian. but i do enjoy seeing what you get up to even if it is just some photos of the beautiful area you live in.

Linda said...

The top photograph is just beautiful Dian!! I am slowly catching up with all 'my' blogs. I always get a thrill when I see one of the giant stick insects here, so weird looking. Don't you just love those little feet!! Take care.