Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Something old - something new.....

I have been trying to decide which items I can put in the art show at PAS during the Melbourne Cup Weekend.

We have a really small display space set aside for the textile art group and cannot set up until early on the Saturday morning: the show starts on the Friday evening and our little area is needed for the drinks!!

Anyway we have some wall space and
two tables to use.  Two of the members will be hanging beautiful quilts and wall hangings.  Another will display her woven tapestry alongside some large embroidery pieces.  I think there will be room for my small "Peninsula Dreaming" wall hanging:  because my pieces are quite small they can sit directly on the table or on little "table easels".


These are the pieces I am thinking about at present but I would really like to show my embroidered trees.  Perhaps I shall have time to photograph them tomorrow.  

They hang on my wall and combine embroidery, beading and are my own designs.

By the way I am sorry if my blog looks a bit odd.  I am trying to change it but it is not working out so well.  Never mind I shall try again tomorrow.


katherine said...

beautiful items. you will have to share a pic of the display once it is set up too

Linda said...

Hope the exhibition goes well, and I'm sure your pieces will be greatly admired. I just love your gum flowers/leaves, and the hexagonal box lid!! Hope you are feeling a little better. Life very hectic here as usual. Take care.

margaret said...

the exhibition will be well worth a visit with your lovely pieces, the leaves are beautiful and as for that box top, well I want it!!