Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Sheridan

Well, I don't know just where September went but here we are already into October and hardly any stitching done.

Yesterday I managed a bit of op shopping and discovered this fabulous piece of vintage sheridan fabric - polished cotton I think - it is about 3 metres in length and takes me right back to another era.   

I am way behind in reading blogs - sorry to be neglectful.  I find commenting on those ones that require me to prove I am not a robot to be more than I can manage.  The characters are so hard to decipher.  So once again I am sorry if I appear to be ignoring you.  

The school holidays are halfway through and at present I have all four of our grandchildren staying.  We have doonas and matresses all over the lounge/dining room floor and couches as well as various pieces of electronic equipment that they seem to be connected to most of the time.

We did go out for a lovely meal tonight though and had fun taking pics of the dessert course.

 The weather is improving with a real feel of spring in the air.  

I hope someone is managing to find time for arting and crafting - I do feel as though I need some time to just play.



margaret said...

how my mouth is watering at those lovely deserts.Sounds like there will be lots of fun and laughter in your home at the moment along with lots of washing and cooking.
I think I have removed the thing that asks for proof, how I struggle on blogs, once had 4 attempts to get it right. Will check in a few days to see if you have emailed me, then I will know .
What are your plans with the fabric, or is it just to be kept and admired?!

Karyn said...

Dessert is always the best part of eating out I think.
I dont know where the year has gone either, and with so manythings on our calendar for the next two months I think christmas will be here before I know it.

Radka said...

It is beautiful piece of fabric you bought, what are your plans for it?