Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crustaceans and encrustation

 I am having a bit of a creative binge at last.  

The stash has provided me with some boxes and gorgeous embellishments.

The stationery cupboard provides glue and paints and glitter. 

 My basket of hand dyed laces provided a wonderful trim for the bottom of this box,

and an old scarf provided a covering. 

 I am hoping to finish this box tomorrow night. As usual I am working my way through this piece.

The rockpool  box is nearly done.        The inside is looking good with tiny dolphins in the waves of blue and white silk paper.


Corrine at said...

These cameout put really amazing. I love the wild sea look to the second, like it's encrusted with treasures from the sea. xox

margaret said...

such wonderful pieces of creation Dianne you are certainly being very creative.

shirley said...

The box with the sea look is my favourite. Your boxes are wonderful. You must have an aladins cave for your stash.

Karyn said...

The boxes look great. It must be nice to have your creativity back.
I dont know which box I like best, they are both lovely

Linda said...

So lovely to see these tiny works of art Dian. I need to get my *&^^% into gear again with creative pieces. I love the texture and depth in these.