Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Opping

 Today I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming shopping season.  That is the Christmas holiday season.

In view of that I thought I would show you some things I have bought at op (charity shops) during the past year.
 The little grouping of dogs is a real find.  They are collectable ceramics from Japan and I have added them to my own collection.
In the first collage there are various items that would be perfect gifts.  A piece of morano glass, a very pretty tea cup, a sweet little trinket box and a glass mushroom and dog.  The hall stand holds my silk jacket and beside that is a lamp and a mirror (all of these are from the salvos).  The tall up-lamp cost me $2 at the recycling centre.  Some wall art, cabinet knobs, a very pretty doily and a collectable ceramic spoon are in the other collage.

And finally here is another 
little ceramic piece for my collection

This is the most expensive item on this post being $39.95.  

Almost all other items cost less than $5.00.

If you possibly can  please consider the planet, the charities that benefit and the effect on your wallet when shopping this Christmas.

You can see more op shop stories here.

This is a collaborative blog about op shopping in and around Melbourner.


margaret said...

you make me envious once again with your purchases, I think Melbourne must be one of the best places for op shopping, I know when I was visiting my sister there we visited lots of the shops. Here in England they are getting very expensive, on friday I was in Oxfam and they had some glasses £1 each and my daughter had seen them for 3 for £1 in a shop that was not charity on the same road, they are pricing themselves out of the market when people need them more than ever.
Just as well I was not with you as we would have been fighting over at least 6 of your purchases!

Linda said...

Dian, your op shopping has become a favourite for me. I really love the little pieces you've picked up, the lovely owl of course, and the tiny glass mushroom, so sweet. Sorry I'm so behind with my blogging. Cheers.