Saturday, August 7, 2010

disastrous dying

Today I thought I would soak some fabric and lace for dying:  I put a basin in the sink with Soda Ash and water and dunked some calico and lengths of lace and went on to mix the dye.

Then disaster struck: I knocked the container of blue dye into the basin of soda ash and fabric.  As I was pressed for time I decided to drain as much of the liquid out as I could and then added a bit more dye and hope for the best.  I put a little bit of red dye in the small pot and put some of the fabric from the blue mix into the red and now I will wait to see what I end up with.
To add to the mess, my gloves leaked and I have very colourful hands.


Judy said...

Oh Dear!!Dyeing is a messy job at the best of times, but luck wasn't with you today Diane. Hope the blue wears off soon.
Nice colour though!!

Jensters said...

Well Dian i think the colour looks pretty good....i managed to do my first bit of dying but it still in my craft room what with the bad week ive had and thanks for your support....I put my dye in a comfort bottle with the lid on that way i cant spill it and you can get quite a bit in xx

Linda said...

Dian, they say there are never 'mistakes', so let's see if 'they' are right.........LOL.........lovely colour just the same, and blue hands won't look out of place during the winter...... It will be interesting to see the outcome.