Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am having trouble with the picture 
editing tonight and am too tired to try to fix it.
I have finished my crazy patchwork needlebook.  I decided that less was more in this case and so it is a bit light on for embellishment.  It is quite pleasing to look at though. The pics show the front and back.

the more exciting thing though was the gift in the mail from Judy at Judy's fabrications.  The most gorgeous little felt slippers embellished richly will be treasured always.  thanks Judy.

Well I am going to give up on this as my shift key doesn't want to work either.  I think it is probably me.


Karyn said...

the needlebook looks great. Did you dye the purple lace flower? I like that the best. I think i need to learn how to do some dyeing too.
The slippers are gorgeous. How cute. and more dyed lace on those too; I am definately going to have to try my hand at dyeing.

Linda said...

Great crazy patchwork Dian. I am sure you will put it to good use. I do so love the little slippers, and I know how much they appeal to you, so this gift hits the spot.

Sorry about your computer, ours is driving me crazy, sooooooooo sllllloooooooowwwwwww, haven't been blogging or reading, too annoying.

Take care over the weekend.

Jensters said...

Dian your needlebook is patchwork work heart i was making came out so dont even look like a heart its like two fingers sticking your fairy slippers Judy sent you too. xx

Radka said...

Lovely patchwork, Dian! Pretty colours, did you make it for yourself?
I wish I could finnish SOMETHING, I don't seem to be able to finnish anything at the moment, frustrating.