Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pins & needles

I thought I would share pics of some of my pincushions and needle holders.  Over the years I have made several pincushions and bought some, and of course some have been given to me.

The pincushion in the shape of a shoe was given to me by Nancy McEvoy on her visit to Australia a few years ago.  I treasure it along with the memories of meeting such a lovely person.

The big pincushion with the cotton reals around it is not the most beautiful but is probably the most useful.  It is nice and big and sits on the table with my sewing machines.  I bought it in an op shop.

I have several needle books/holders which I have made and use as the whim takes me.  The white one is probably my favourite.  I made it at a time when I was just taking up needlework and it has many different elements and stitches.
This needlebook is the one I use most.  Another early piece of stitching.  The square pincushion was one I made because I had embroidered the flower on a piece of silk and wanted to make use of it.  The circular piece of embroidery with the lilac border is a needleholder that hangs on the wall.  Silk ribbon flowers and beads make it pretty.

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Linda said...

Dian, what a lovely, no beautiful assortment of pincushions and needleholders. I was just about to switch off the computer, but had to say how lovely they all are. I think my favourite is the one you did as a tiny knot garden [set into the little timber framework]. Thank you so much for brightening my afternoon.