Saturday, August 14, 2010

More crazy patchwork

I decided to use some of my recently dyed fabric for the lining of this needle book.    Using the sewing machine I attached a layer of batting to the back of the lining: a bit of freestyle quilting.

Then I attached the lining and wadding to the piece of patchwork.  With the right sides together I stitched along three sides and then turned the piece in the right way ( a bit like a pillow case).

This is how it looks on the outside at present.  Still quite a lot of embellishment needed.  Once that is done I will hand stitch the open end and add some felt for the leaves of the book.

I am hoping to finish this tomorrow so I can start on something else.


Jensters said...

Wow this looks good the colours...but im worrying making a heart nothing to big but should have i have put batting at the back of it? x

Linda said...

This is going to be great Dian. I have to say, the colours are so different to those I've seen you use............ I am sure you will put it to good use when it's finished. I'm already thinking I should re-house some of my 400+ needles, instead of leaving them in the shabby old thing that passes as 'my needlecase' [it's an embarrassment to be honest]. Good luck with this.