Sunday, September 26, 2010


I never grow tired of the sunsets over the sea.  Last night we went to pick up some fish'n'chips for tea and on the way we stopped on the cliff top to watch the sun go downIt seemed like a special sunset as we had heard earlier in the morning that Mike's (my hubby) dear uncle had passed away in hospital in the UK.
These are the times that we feel so far away.
 The tyrrany of distance is more than just a saying when you have relatives so far away and no way of being there at important times.

So we watched the sun go down and thought of this man who was so important to Mike as he grew up and so lovely to me when I visited the UK some years ago.  We were lucky to have him visit us here in Austtralia some twenty years ago and Mike made several business trips to the UK which allowed him the opportunity to see loved ones.

 In the garden we have lots of baby birds and their parents seem to be endlessly seeking out food for them.  We have magpies and crimson rosellas with little ones in the nest.

And speaking of little ones - the neighbours next door have welcomed two new daughters into their family.

These much wanted little girls, Chelsea and Caitlin, will be home in a couple of weeks.  They have a big sister at home who is anxious to help with them.

I haven't done much stitching this week but am hoping to do some in the next few days.  School holidays continue and of course the garden requires lots of attention at this time of year.  The roses are producing new leaves so I am looking forward to flowers later.  The camellias have bloomed prolifically this year but the rain has been so constant that they have not lasted well.  


Radka said...

Sorry to hear your sad news, Dian. Sometimes we think how small the world is getting, but it is still too big in times like this. Both of my parents died with me too far away and not being able to get there in time.
But if we have good memories to treasure, our loved ones will stay with us always.
And now your neighbours have new arrivals. That is life.

Jensters said...

Oh Dian such a sad time for you both and im sure that he both had time to reflect on good times about Mike's Uncle....wonderful sunsets and photos.

Robin Mac said...

I am so sorry for you and Mike, but you must have some wonderful memories of him. The sunset photos are great, as are the ones of the garden. I hope the magpies don't attack you as they grow older. Cheers, Robin

michelle said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Dian i am glad you have such fond memories. It is very difficult when you are far away from loved ones. i am in the same boat with all my family being in England. The sunset is beautiful and a wonderful place to reflect on the happy times you shared with him and remember you will always have those special moments stored in your hearts forever !
take care !

Linda said...

Hello Dian, I am so sorry to hear this sad news, especially as I know both you and your lovely husband personally. This is a very sad time for you both, and I offer you my most sincere sympathies.

Thank you too for the lovely photographs. That sunset is so beautiful.

I too watch each day waiting for the Magpie family to 'come down' where we can see the babies. Still waiting patiently for Mrs Owl to 'produce'. At the moment she's just being coy. Our lawn is just beautiful at the moment with the wonderful start to Spring.

Katherine said...

Sorry to hear such news. It is hard being so far away.