Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Evening

The school holidays have started and we have our four grandchildren sleeping over tonight and again tomorrow night. They are at a really good age although the 7 year old finds himself excluded from some games.

Tonight they cooked spaghetti bolognese and served it with a garden salad and grated cheese.  Very tasty indeed.

This week has been quite productive - I have managed to dye fabric &make some bookmarks, using my embellishing machine.

I made this little pouch out of some of the fabrics I dyed some weeks ago.  The grandchildren say it is "cool" so I guess it is ok.   The button just seems to finish it off nicely. 

Spring is well under way now and their are new shoots appearing everywhere.  We have had more rain this past winter than we have had in more than a decade so the garden is looking gorgeous.

Of course the weeds are growing fast and there is lots of pruning to do but it is worth it when everything is growing so well.


Linda said...

I've been away too long!!! These photos are fantastic. Don't you just love new shoots on plants. I really love that Grevillea.

Those bookmarks look wonderful too, such pretty colours. Great projects for gifts and quick sales.

Can you spare those grandchildren?? I'm in need of some expert cooks at my place. Will we seem them on MasterChef [for youngsters]?? I believe a lass from our area is or has been on, she's only about 8.

Jensters said...

I agree with Linda, i could do with them cooking me something nice...will have to teach missed both of you with our busy lifes.....anyhow some wonderful bookmarks and photos xx

Juliettecherry said...

Here in the UK it is change of season too, as we go into autumn. So lots of pruning and weeding here too. Busy with creosoting fences and outdoor maintenance jobs.

However, the odd wet miserable day gives an opportunity to stay indoors and sew, no complaints about that!

Pleased to see how you are enjoying your new embellishing machine. some very interesting results.