Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today I spent some time with my embellishing machine: this is the result.

I used a piece of pelmet vilene and  some yarn, wool tops, pieces of silk & organza to create this piece of fabric.    I also started to do some stitching to add interest but having broken 3 needles on the embellisher and one on the sewing machine I decided to give up for the day.
Tomorrow I will fuze some fabric to the back and I am hoping to make this into some book marks. 

I have also been doing some more fabric dying today so hopefully there will be some pics of that for tomorrow.


Linda said...

Lovely colour combinations here Dian. I'm sure this piece will cut into some rather glamorous bookmarks. Sorry to hear the needles are breaking. I've had a play with silk paints lately, with salt. It's been fun.

Radka said...

I can see that you are having fun with your new toy:)