Saturday, September 18, 2010


It is early Saturday morning and it seems everyone in the neighbourhood is still sleeping.  The sun is up and the birds are singing their morning greeting.  I love the sound of the magpies best of all.The butcher birds are lurking somewhere, I can here them calling and of course the lorikeets and noisy minors are making their presence known. 

I have taken one pic of the fabrics and laces I dyed this week.  They are luscious, warm colours and I can't wait to put them to good use.  I have a few more to rinse out still.

This is the last of the dye given to me by Linda nearly two years ago.  Each time I look at the fabrics I have dyed I remember that visit.  I must see if I can find some pics.

Talking of finding things: we had the electricians upgrading the wiring in my work room this week so have to finish putting things back where they belong.    I am so pleased to have this particular work done - the wiring was done many years ago, before computers and associated equipment were used regularly.  The addition of four sewing machines and other appliances really put too much stress on the system.

I hope everyone is finding time to be creative and enjoying the change of the seasons


Liesl said...

Those colours are just exquisite!

Have a lovely creative weekend.

Linda said...

Lovely colours Dian. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather to dye some things again. I love the more orange piece in the front. Our birds seem rather quiet this morning, however, the noisey minors and orioles are very busy in the bottlebrush feasting on the nectar. The sun is trying to poke through, but it still feels a little bleak. Pleased to hear you are getting back to normal after the upheaval with the electricians' visit.

Judy said...

Gosh!!I wish I had these pieces of gorgeousnesses(is that a word?), in my stash!!Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous colours Dianne. Love catching up on what you have been doing. I must try and get updated too now that school holidays are with us.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Dian Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! These pink dyed bits are yummy! dyeing is
so much fun and it's great to have them ready for when that idea leaps into your mind and you have the dyed lace ready for it.It will be lovely to see Dad - he has Asbestosis sadly and life is becoming a real struggle now!

Jensters said...

Dian a wonderful lot of love the colours xx