Saturday, September 11, 2010


The last few days I seem to have made more mess than anything else.  I have been going through my stash and and ufo's .

I called at a local gift shop and after a bit of a chat it was decided that I could display some of my 'creations' in the shop with the hope of selling some.  Very exciting!!!!

It  is just a small shop and the area is not very well-to-do but you never know where it will lead.

Any way I found this little purse that I made a while ago and a book cover created this earlier this year.  This afternoon  I started putting together some ideas for the shop.  I have lots of  pieces of hand dyed fabric. 

Of course I am not sure what they will be but I have a few ideas.
The colours are lovely & bright.


Rachel said...

This sounds like an exciting new venture - best of luck with it!

Linda said...

Good luck with your gift lines Dian. I'm sure you'll find lots of pretty things in your stash to use. I do so love the pintucked purse with the dyed lace, such a great match of colours. I have such a muddle of bits around me too these days. It's getting to be a little embarrassing.

Karyn said...

Good luck with selling some things. They are pretty enough and should go quickly. i am with Linda, the dyed lace on the purse is so pretty and matches really well. Good luck with it.

Juliettecherry said...

Good luck with your new venture in the gift shop. I hope it goes well.

A great incentive to look out and use up bits and pieces you have started.

I also love the purse.