Monday, September 6, 2010


We have had so much rain lately, it is great for the garden after so many years of drought conditions and water restrictions.

A lot of the big trees in the neighbourhood have suffered from stress over the recent years and now that we are having rain & strong wind storms they are falling over or at least dropping large limbs.


I took these pics of the views from our kitchen window yesterday.  We are up fairly high so there is no risk of flooding:  it is lovely to be as high as some of the big trees.

Of course this kind of weather is ideal for stitching which is great.


Radka said...

It is good to see so much rain after being dry for so long in Australia. That is one thing we seem to have enough of over here! We too live quite high, so the rain is never a problem.

Linda said...

Hope you managed to find time to stitch during that weather Dian. You have all had sufficient down there, flooding not the most pleasant for those in the northern parts. Pleased you are at least high and dry. Our Australian trees break easily, don't they.