Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fantastic fabrics

 Yesterday in noticed a sign in a shop window
"Fabric Sale".  It was in a little stand alone shop I have driven past lots of times.  This time I stopped.

The fabric in question was some "left overs" from a boutique run by a local designer and the range was limited.
 I did manage to find some pieces I simply had to have.

Delicious sheer cream silk and and grey- blue silk/satin  found their way into my stash. 
 I couldn't resist the soft and floaty pink to red silk: it reminds me of the colours of hibiscus and I think it will make sensational scarves.

As I was leaving the shop I noticed some really crisp white cotton and so I bought a couple of metres of that as well.  It is called paper touch cotton.  I have never heard of fabric called by that name but it is a perfect description of this gorgeous fabric.

This fabric is so lovely to touch and although I am not sure how I will use it I am thrilled to have bought it.  Oh did I tell you it was $5 a metre!!!!! 

What a bargain.  I think I will have to go back tomorrow in case there is anything left.  


Jensters said...

Wow Dian such lovely colours and what a lucky lady x

Karyn said...

Oh dianne, what a bargain!!! I would absolutely go back for more if i were you. It all looks lovely; especially the blue/grey satin.
Lucky you!!!!
I like the sound of the cotton; what does it feel like? Crisp and papery?

Radka said...

Lovely fabrics:) A bit of a find at that price! I am sure you will find use for them sooner or later:))

Linda said...

Good buying Dian. I know the feeling of getting a fabric bargain!! I too like the sound of the paper touch cotton, makes me think of cotton organie, lovely to stitch shadow work on. I am sure you will put them to good use in time..........LOL.