Saturday, March 26, 2011

I had hoped to have something to show before I blogged again but a bad bout  of bronchitis has really given me a hard time. 

I have been fiddling around and not achieving much.  I have just made up a lingerie bag using some embroidery I did several years ago.  Another thing finished if not exactly new work.  

I am hoping to be feeling more active and creative soon.

In anticipation I have made up a batch of soda ash and water and have some lace and doilies soaking so that I can do some dyeing soon.

I also have some paper & board which might turn into a book if I can conjure up some enthusiasm.  Those wood stamps and the steel ones also might come in handy.  

In the meantime I am enjoying reading lots of blogs and storing up ideas and inspiration.


Karyn said...

There are some awful bugs making the rounds. I hope you feel better very soon. Bronchitis is no fun at all.

Linda said...

So sorry to hear you have not been well Dian. I do hope that has subsided by now. The weather has been so changeable here. Love the little embroidered bag, and as you say, another project to tick off the list. Hope the dyeing goes well.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous bag. just been to a wedding of a dear friend. They had the drink bottles in one of these bags. looked so elegant and unusual. it was an outdoor garden wedding and the "bags" blended beautifully with the surrounds. the Dandenongs on a warm day are exquisite with lots of inspiration for more nature inspired needlework. plenty of ideas have been added to the thought bank for future projects. I must share them with you.

Anonymous said...

It might have been started a while back but it is still a good feeling to finish it into a bag. So pretty with all the gorgeous colours of ribbon etc.

Anonymous said...

I love your little lingerie bag Dian. I hope you are feeling well soon. Laurel