Thursday, March 17, 2011

more fabulous fabrics

Well as you can see I went back for more bargains.
Black & white spotty silk,  black & silver luxurious metallic fabric, cream silk with silver and more white paper touch voile.

The really good news is that the shop will be open for another 4 weeks!!!!!


dosfishes said...

YOu certainly hit the jackpot with your shopping in the last two days. Now the making begins. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

Dian you wont have any money left at this you wonderful fabrics x

Linda said...

These look lovely too Dian. You've certainly had fun in that store. Don't you just love to touch fabrics like this!! I know I do. I can NEVER resist 'touching' when I'm in a fabric store!! Thank you so much for sharing your find with us.

Karyn said...

I wonder if the petrol I would use driving down to visit you and your shop would negate the savings of buying up material????
Would be an interesting experiment don't you think?

Radka said...

More lovely fabrics!! May be if you are nice to them, they will keep the shop opened for you even longer LOL!