Tuesday, March 22, 2011

technology and nature

 A couple of nights ago the moon was big and amazingly bright in the sky.  We went outside to take a look  although it was a little bit cloudy.  I took a couple of photos and then as we were about to go inside we saw these dear little possums in the trees.

The pictures of the moon didn't turn out well.  The clouds and the trees obscured the view.

Some weeks ago I bought some things in a clearance sale.  It was an engineering business which was closing down and most of the sale comprised of big machinery and equipment.  No one else was interested in these steel punches so for the princely sum of $9 they were mine.  There are numbers and letters, some tiny and others quite big.  My beloved husband has no idea why I would want/need such things but I am sure some of my blogging friends will understand.
Oh, and the technology: isn't wonderful.  A while ago my computer became infected with some nasty virus and I had 
to remove everything and start with the original factory settings.  Of course everything had to be reloaded and in the  process I lost all of my photos as well as lots of other things.  
Yesterday I clicked onto Picassa and lo and behold there were my pics.  I was so thrilled.  My holiday, my needlework, the trips to the beach with my grandchildren and father-in-law.  Thank goodness for the technology.  Sometimes it seems to be a bother but when it works it is marvellous.


Radka said...

Very unusual purchase, Dianne:)) I look forward to seeing what you are going to use it for.
Sorry to hear about you technical problem, it looks like there is a lesson for all us. I do make regular backup, I hope it is enough.

dosfishes said...

Sounds like some stamping on fabric is in your future...glad your computer is well again. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

The Moon did look fantastic didnt it?! Glad yr pc is on the mend...i agree with Corrine sounds like printing on fabric.

Linda said...

Those possums look so cute Dian. I think the moon actually turned out fairly well. Night shots are not easy with our little compact cameras. I am sure you'll find a use for the metal punches/stamps. How great to know that your photos were 'somewhere'. I have to say it again, technology just gets more amazing. Good when it's good, bad when it's not.......LOL..

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Dian, that must have been Frustrating losing all that data.
Love a full moon...so ethereal.

Anonymous said...

Love the possums. We have one that visits every now and again from the river

Karyn said...

I keep getting told to back up my photos; it is on the list of to-do one day! One day may be too late if we have a similar problem. Glad you got yours back; I couldn't imagine losing all my photos.

Heather said...

Love the possums and the moon - it is so difficult to get good pics isn't it? The metal punches look interesting. So glad your photos were saved. You asked where Pershore is - it's in the county of Worcestershire and more or less half way between Tewkesbury and the city of Worcester.