Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tree men came yesterday and removed 10 trees from the side of our house.  As you can see the area 

is quite narrow so imagine 10 trees most of which are higher than the roof line.

I am always fascinated to look at the cut surfaces of the trees and the bark so I have so many opportunities for pics.

Today I bought 12 new plants to start rebuilding the garden.  These are all australian plants and grow well in this district.  

I recently purchased a new (recycled) fish pond on ebay and this will be part of the garden renovations.  It is deep enough for some interesting water plants.

So you can see we will be busy for at least a year!


dosfishes said...

What a great shape for that fish pond. Do the ten missing trees change the light there. Looks like an interesting place to landscape, I like long, mysterious naroow places in gardens. You will enjoy this process no doubt. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

Dian i too love looking at trees once they have been cut, the shapes are amazing and great to play about with in photoshop. The pond shape looks good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you will be having gardening fun for a while Dian. Laurel

Radka said...

I can see now how close to the house the trees were!

Linda said...

Those trees certainly were crowding in on you weren't they....... I am sure you will find plants that will be more suitable. I love the fish tank prospects, and hope you'll keep us informed about it's progress. Water lillies are always 'mysterious' in my opinion. I am another who loves 'tree rings', and agree with Jen, they make great photoshop subjects. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

what a pity, those beautiful trees, I hate to get rid of anything, however when they become a "nuicance" factor, you have done the right thing. And you are treating the environement to a new lease of life with your anticipated new plantings of australian plants. Oviously you do not have a mosquito problem in your area. I hate to think of the extra mozzie bites I would have if a body of water were installed in my garden. No matter how much I love water and lillies and all that, I'm afraid my skin would be red, itchy lumps from those blessed insects.Beware as well of any young children that happen to "wander" into the vicinity of your pond. Enjoy all you are endeavouring to do.Look forward to hearing and seeing the outcomes. Perhaps those rings on the trunks can become an integral part of some new project in the sewing room.

Anonymous said...

It will look lovely when you have finished planting it up.