Monday, May 23, 2011

As promised

As mentioned previously I have been working on some small and quick projects lately.  

These little fairy slippers are based roughly on the design by Annette Emms (must check that spelling) which was featured in Stitch magazine years ago.  These ones are made of printed cotton stitched with some of the special stitches on my sewing machine.

 They are lined with felt and stitched with hem stitch.

The tassel is not finished - the top has french knots and beads: I am going to dip the ends of it into some dye to match the top and will make a twisted cord to hang it.

 These last two pics are of a scissor fob I made ages ago:  the design is my interpretation of a design that was featured in an Inspirations Magazine.

It is quite pretty and it hangs on a lamp in our bedroom.  

Now speaking of promises: I haven't forgotten the giveaway I promised in April.  The little packages are being put together and will be sent out soon.  I will let you know when.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Sweet fairy slippers Dian...xox Corrine

michelle said...

oooh what sweet creations ! those fairy slippers are too cute and i love the scissor fobs, thanks for sharing these Dian !

Linda said...

Nice to see you making your little slippers again Dian, they give you so much pleasure to make, I know that. Your scissor fob is so pretty, love the colours. I'm sure the tassel will be gorgeous with the end dyed, what a great idea. Nights are a little longer now, good to get a few bits of stitching done isn't it.

karen said...

your new slippers look so comfortable!! you have pampered feet!!

Jensters said...

I love anything to do with fairies and these slippers are wonderful Diane...hope you are well x

Radka said...

Your fairy slippers are so sweet, Dian :) I know any little girl would love them!
The scissor fobs are nice too, well done:)