Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

When I started stitching for pleasure a few years ago I didn't have books to refer to and most of what I did was pretty basic: I learnt a lot along the way.
This cottage is something I made early on, when I was exploring different stitches, materials and ideas.  The perspective is shocking but all in all I do quite like this piece.  It hangs on the wall in my workroom so it always around.  Of course there are lots of things I would do differently now but it was a good start.

I haven't forgotten the giveaways I promised for all those who commented during April.  They will be sent out by the end of May.  Thanks to all those who read my blog and leave their thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts: the broken vase is still in its box.  I cannot bring myself to throw it out (the seller didn't want it back) so I am thinking of smashing it up a bit more and making some sort of mosaic thingy with it.  

The weather here is cooling down as we approach winter and I am hoping to settle into some serious stitching soon.  I have managed to do a little bit while babysitting the last few days so I will show you what I have been doing soon.

I noticed on the news that there are forest fires in various places in the UK.  This seems so unusual, but I understand it has been particularly dry this past month or so.  Keep safe everyone.


Radka said...

Hi Dian! Your embroidered picture is very sweet:) It was probably a very good practice project, we all are learning all the time. Thank you for sharing it with us :))
You are right about the forest fires, they are so unusual for us. They tell us we had the warmest April since 1890 or something like that, and one of the driest. I just hope it doesn't mean that we will pay for it later in the summer :(

Linda said...

Nice to see some of your earlier embroidery Dian. I am sure we all find we'd do something a little differently, but that's all part of the learning process isn't it. I love the little cottage and garden you've made. What a good idea to 'recycle' your broken vase. Hope those babies are doing well, and your weather doesn't get too cold too soon. Beautiful Autumn day up here today. Posted a parcel to you Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I really like your ribbon embroidery Dian. I hadn't heard anything about the fires so hope our English friends remain safe and sound. The world has gone to pot lately and I am so hoping that everything will settle down and no one else has to suffer through, fire, floods, storms etc for quite a while.