Sunday, May 15, 2011

holiday shopping

We are back in cold and gloomy Melbourne now: after our quick visit to the lovely warm northern New South Wales coast.  

It was good to see my father-in-law and spend some time with him.  We always enjoy our time together and the warm weather is a real bonus at this time of the year.

I managed to visit 4 op shops in the area and bought some lovely vintage doileys and a bag full of buckles and buttons.  I left most of the buckles at Maurice's (father-in-law) home as they were heavy and I can bring some  more home next time.  I  bought a pretty little cane case which I fitted out with scissors, tape measure, needles, beads etc and that also stayed for my next visit.  I think it is wise to leave some necessary items there in case of a quick and unexpected visit sometime.  Toothbrush and moisturiser etc are already there as are some bathers and beach towel.

The doileys will need a good wash and iron and maybe some starch; the buckles are a mixture of metal and plastic and will be ideal for future projects.

 I am looking forward to putting some of my recent purchases to good, creative use.


Radka said...

I can see that you are well organized, Dian!
I like your purchases,
mainly the one in the middle of the buckles.

shirley said...

I have a number of buckles Dian, and have never known what to do with them will look forward to seeing your results.

Juliettecherry said...

Wow! what a lovely time you had shopping for those goodies. The doilies look to be mainly crochet as far as I can see, they will look lovely when you have worked your "magic" on them with dyes etc.

The buckles look very interesting too, I wonder what you will do with them?

No recent op-shopping for me, but I have bought a delicious new pair of shoes - comfortable and thats a rare comodity for me to find. LOL.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

You will put it alto marvelous use if I know you...chilly and windy, still here too, not much that makes it feel like late Spring. xox Corrine

Linda said...

What great purchases Dian. Thanks for always keeping us informed about your op-shop trips. I, for one, enjoy knowing what you 'find'. Love the buckles, and I'm sure you'll put them to good use creatively speaking....LOL. Hope the weather isn't too nasty now that you are back home. Take care.

michelle said...

Hi Dian, sounds like you had a wonderful trip ! great finds at the op shops can't wait to see what you will do with it all. Wish the sun would shine here it really has been a long winter this time !

Karyn said...

What a cold cold Melbourne to come back home to. It is a good idea to leave sewing supplies up there; saves you from carting them back and forth.
I love the flower buckle; so pretty.