Sunday, May 8, 2011

gardening days

 We are making good progress with the new sections of the garden.  This first picture shows little shrubs; westringia, correa, native mint, grevilleas.  They are tiny now but by the time the spring arrives they will be lovely. 
 The fish pond is in position now, we just need to do some landscaping and planting around it and then we will be able to plant some water lillies and add the fish.

I have the pump, the lights, and everything else needed to finish off the project.

 This is the garden which is right at the back of the garden.  More Westringias and other favourite plants including the Gordonia which is in flower.
 Our neighbours over the back and across had some of their trees removed and this large one was trimmed and cleaned up a bit.  I am so pleased they didn't take it all down.
Can you see the man in the tree?  He is up really high and well secured with ropes and harnesses.

You can see from this last pic that the tree towers over the house, it is three storeys high and you can just see the top of the roof and if you look carefully you can see the tree man up on the branch. 

There are some jobs you just wouldn't want to do.


Anonymous said...

Oh trees can be a worry, my parents had a lemon scented gum.
Glad they kept the tree though.It would be horrible without our beautiful trees.

Karyn said...

Your garden down the side is going to look lovely soon when everything grows a little. With winter well on the way, you wont have to worry about watering.
My brother-in-law was a tree lopper; he really enjoyed it (you would have to wouldn't you??), until he had a nasty accident with a chainsaw. He is fine thankfully but has a huge scar to show for it.

Juliettecherry said...

Good progress with the garden Dianne. In this last very cold winter we all have lost our Cordylines. They have not been taken down yet (my three). Also some other plants normally hardy, are looking unsure if they still want to live.

That's British winters for you, but we don't have to worry about bush fires. although this Spring has been warm and so very dry that some areas have had fires. Can't beat nature eh?

Radka said...

Wow, those trees are huge!
It is good to have a new project in the garden, it keeps the interest going, we will see the result in a few months time :)

Linda said...

The gardens look lovely Dian, and I love ponds, something peaceful about them. I can see the tree is quite big, but to have it pruned will improve it. The one close to our clothes line is so much better since it was lopped. Hope all the plants survive the winter.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Lovely work on the garden, it's going to be spectacular when you finish, can't wait to see. xox Corrine