Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interesting & amusing

I haven't any stitching to show at present: we have had our grand daughter staying with us for a few days so that has been the focus of our attention.  At 14 Ally is a delight and we were thrilled to have her here.  We minded the twins next door (as I do twice a day) and at 8 months old they were especially well looked after with Ally there to help.  On Friday evening we made Gemista (stuffed tomatoes & eggplant): Ally loves Greek food (her dad is Greek) and enjoyed the preparation of this dish.

This morning we were making breakfast and looking out the kitchen window at the fog down across the Moorooduc plain when we noticed a fox in the garden next door.  There are a lot of foxes around the area but I have never seen a live one before and it was very exciting to see.
On the way to take Ally home I saw this amusing advertising sign by the side of the road 
"Pure Organic Horse Manure".  

It did seem funny.


Radka said...

I love the sign!! Well, you can never be too sure, LOL!

Jensters said...

A strange comment its all organic hey Dian! I love fog x

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Sounds like our having a wonderful time. Ooh, your greek foods sounds delish, save some for me. Aren't foxes fabulous, we have a pair round here. Haven't seen them lately, but they bound across the icy pond in the winter, quite spectacular. xox Corrine

Linda said...

Nice to hear you had a great time with Ally, and pleased she was able to go with you to help with the little girls. The food sounds delicious. We've got heavy fog this morning, still dull at the moment. We've also got a very cheeky fox sneaking around here at the moment. Now, I wonder if the horse owner is making sure you know the horse has only been grazing on 'organically grown/chemical free' pasture......... Can't think of any other reason for the wording on the sign, great selling point though.