Saturday, April 24, 2010

Anzac Weekend

I have been fosicking about in my basket of ufos and found a piece I did a couple of years ago. It is a tulip embroidered on silk and just the right size for a needlebook.

Having come to the conclusion that it would work I then needed to find a suitable fabric for lining it. I wanted something with a bit of body to it as the embroidered fabric is quite flimsy and I wanted something interesting that would add to the piece rather than vie for attention.

Over the past few weeks I have received several parcels of goodies from friends so I thought I would look through that collection and see if anything worked well. Of course it did. A piece of painted fabric with a bit of a metallic look about it. It is quite stiff so is a perfect backing.

I stitched the two pieces together using some of the inbuilt stitches on my sewing machine and it turned out well.

I will just add a folded piece of felt for the "pages" and finish it of with a couple of charms or tassels.


Radka said...

I would like to see your pages finnished, please!

I have no immediate plans for the things I bought at the show. I buy things like the silk craft packs and lovely peaces of printed silk and organza when I see them. We live right in the country, with no craft shops close by. I buy a lot on line, but it is nice to be able to handle anything like this before you buy.
I bought the little reading/craft lamp with holidays in mind, the lamp can be separated from it's stand and clipped to an embroidery ring, something I will definitively take with me.

You are very right about the ash from Iceland, but I wonder how soon will this lesson be forgotten, when we want to get somewhere fast.
I for one will be going on holiday this year by car and a ship, avoiding the madness of airports, for this year at least!

Elspeth said...

This should look really good Dianne. Sometimes it pays to put things away, waiting for just the right moment to finish them, as eventually, things fall into place to your satisfaction, as obviously this has done. This should look excellent when complete. Cheers.