Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The last week has been one of happy encounters and conversations with some surprises in the mail as well.

A few days ago I bumped into Bev Tully when I was out shopping. I have attended some classes with Bev and it was a real delight to see her again. Bev is off to do a tour of stately homes in the UK - it will be her pleasure to teach some needlework classes to the people on the tour. I am sure the classes will be great fun with lots to learn as well.

Yesterday I received a gorgeous Easter Card in the mail and along with it a gorgeous little fabric egg which contained a crystal charm. These treasures were sent to me as part of a swap conducted on the Embroiderers Guild UK Forum.

As if that wasn't enough I received a lovely parcel from a friend - it contained some hand dyed and painted fabrics and a lovely ATC which was made just for me.

There is something so special about the world of needlewomen - such kindness and generosity is just so lovely.


Radka said...

What a lucky lady to get so many lovely presents. I like the fabric, what are going to use it for?

Elspeth said...

Dianne, what a lovely assortment you've received. It is lovely making stitching friends all over the world. Who would have thought so many acquaintences could be made just because of needlework enjoyment. Your pictures are uplifting. Thanks.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Dian! I'll add you to my Reader list.=)

Elizabeth (CB Forum)