Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cold Wednesday

First, let me say thank you for the positive comments.  I am really enjoying the blogging and the feedback really helps.

The idea of "a needlebook a month" was something discussed among stitching friends last year and here we are nearing the end of April and I have done 3.  I also have to do one for a swap on the Country Bumpkin Forum - I know I could use one of the monthly ones but this is a special project, over and above.

About taking your stitching with you when visiting friends:  my rule of thumb is that if I knittted, would I take my knitting with me?  Knitting seems to be something people accept so I think they will accept my stitching.  I don't take it if there are little children or dogs in the house in case I drop a pin or a needle.  I don't take it if I don't know the people well.  Otherwise I take a little bag of stitching with me.  It is amazing how much you can do while waiting for the doctor, or visiting someone in hospital and definitely on holidays.

Anne I love the idea of a place mat a month - or maybe a tray cloth.  Perhaps we can do that next year.


Elizabeth Braun said...

Any armchair craft that leaves you still available for conversation is perfectly acceptable. People often take an interest in what you're doing, want to see how far you've got when you pack away for the day and also to know what it's going to look like when it's finished!=)

Karyn said...

I always take something to the doctors; not sure why but i often seem to wait at least an hour. Can't waste that good sewing time.
As for friends; the only place i do take it is to my Aunt's; she doesn't mind and my DH is usually there for SOOOO long while he fixes their many computer problems; I have to pull it out or go nuts with boredom. And you are right; she usually does like seeing what I am doing.

JulietteCherry said...

If we do a place mat each month, it might mean I would actually get it done (been promising for years!) However ......... any hand made lace edging could well be well behind!!!


DIAN said...

Sounds like a plan but I can't see myself doing lace edges.

Elspeth said...

Dian, it is wonderful to see a cyber chronicle of peoples' work. The blogging community is very giving, and I find it extremely stimulating to catch up on what people are doing.

I am pleased you continue to stitch during your visiting. I used to when I was knitting or doing crochet, but seem to have stopped with stitching, possibly because of all the threads!!!

I'd love to embark on a traycloth challenge too, but perhaps next year.........LOL.