Saturday, April 17, 2010


It has been another really lovely day and I have been trying to sort out some of my photos so I thought I would add some here.

I made the purple bottle bag for a friend for her 50th birthday. I designed it myself and embroidered lots of flowers to make it look very femine.

The garden is one I did during a class I attended at Eliza Wool & Crafts - I really enjoyed this project.


Elspeth said...

Dianne, the bottle bag is lovely. I can see the little flower beads/sequins [??], and I love the background fabric. Despite the 'blotchy' effect of the fabric, the embroidery/beading you've done really stands out.
Love the knot garden embroidery too. Those threads have a rich colour to them. The overall design looks wonderful. Congratulations on both.

Radka said...

I would be very happy to get a bottle of something in a bag like this! Very nice.
I love your knot garden ( I also like your garden, the view seems nice), very well stitched!

I have send you e-mail re your comment on my blog, it is there if you click on it, but showing as 0 numbers of comments. I don't know what happened there. If you like you can try to delete it and try again? I am just pleased that you commented, thanks.

Radka said...

Ups, seems to work now, I take it back!

Karyn said...

Dianne, i love the bottle bag; it is so much more personal than just giving one in a paper bag. So pretty. (and you know I like pretty!LOL)