Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This morning the birds were lined up on the rails of the veranda waiting for their breakfast.

First in line was this little baby butcher bird.

This little baby magpie was quite capable of feeding itself but as soon as mother bird appeared it started squawking until it was fed.  

I have made some progress with Santa.  I have a clear image of what he will look like now. 

I have hand quilted the damask skirt in the same colour as the overskirt.

I am using some of my dyed lace to trim the edges and he is wearing a straw hat which will be covered in felt.

These are some of the green threads I had to choose from.  It always amazing me that I can have so many shades of one colour but not be able to find exactly what I want. 


Linda said...

Santa looks great so far Dian. Love the bird photos. Don't baby magpies make a noise, must drive their parents mad.

Anonymous said...

your blue print is extremly hard to read. can it be lightened.