Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Last week I made a book holder for a friend's birthday.
I had a vinyl folder with pockets on each side so I thought I could recycle this into something pretty.
The fabric I chose is a piece I bought years ago and did not want to "waste" on just anything: there was more than a metre in the piece and I had resisted using it for several years.  My attitude to using my stash has really changed of late: no keeping "good" fabric, lace, beads for that special project.
My friend has just turned 70 and loves books and writing so I thought this would suit her and the fabric was perfect for the project.  

I also added some of my hand dyed lace and was so pleased with the effect I added a bookmark. There is such joy in being able to make something for a dear friend, knowing it will be  appreciated. 



Linda said...

Ah Dian, we must be blogging 'together' at the moment. This is a beautiful folder, and bookmark. What a glorious piece of fabric. I'm pleased to say I've taken to 'chopping' into what I had considered special pieces. I don't suppose there is any use having them and not using them. I am sure your friend will be delighted with such a wonderful gift. Congratulations to you for always going the extra mile.

Suztats said...

It looks wonderful, and is sure to be appreciated, loved, and used. Hugs

Julie said...

Fabulous work - wow, I wish I was the lucky person receiving it! ;-)

Jensters said...

Missed this Dian what a wonderful gift for a friend im sure she will love it to bits xx